MIRRECO™ is an incorporated group following years of research into hemp and its application within the construction industry.  

MIRRECO™ are at the forefront of explosive growth in the hemp industry.  ‘Market-makers’ rallying valuable opportunities across Australia’s emerging industrial hemp industry.

Opportunities are underpinned with MIRRECO’s very own proprietary polymers, manufacturing processes, newly invented hemp processor machinery and green-building solutions; Lumecast® Carbon-Architecture.

Talented, highly-motivated people, with deep skills and experience across a range of areas incl. finance, corporate governance, construction management, architecture, town planning and urban design, manufacturing, marketing and finance. MIRRECO’s experience, coupled with the dedication of its Directors enables them to implement operational and strategic corporate initiatives, engaging in prudent financial management and applying best corporate governance practices.    With robust strategies behind MIRRECO’s commercialisation of untold number of opportunities from Australia’s emerging industrial hemp industry – their team continues to build upon the required capabilities and necessary relationships to implement this strategy. 

Business Model

MIRRECO™ has achieved the following:

  1. Invented a state-of-the-art advanced hemp processor which will provide significant cost reductions and valuable labour/time savings for growers.  Following harvest, hemp biomass can be processed into different particulate sizes for multiple uses. Strategy for MIRRECO™ is to first establish uptake in the Australian market (as a test-bed) and eventually licence MIRRECO™ technologies to farm machinery manufacturers world-wide.
  2. Manufacture construction products (coupling particulates with MIRRECO’s own proprietary polymers) for an astounding number of residential and commercial applicationsCarbon-storing products using CAST® (Carbon Asset Storage Technology). Combining hemp with proprietary polymers and unique manufacturing processes for the ability to store CO2 within these construction products.
  3. MIRRECO™ continues with their R&D charter on other hemp-based products also.
  4. In addition to developing innovative hemp products such as structural hemp and 3D-printing of homes. 

As interest in industrial hemp gains rapid acceptance worldwide, momentum builds with a growing number of countries establishing hemp crops on an industrial scale.  Also market segmentation for ethically-produced goods; blistering demand for renewable, natural products.  

To this end, over the past 2 years, MIRRECO™ has received over 1,000 EOI’s to construct residential dwellings, commercial structures and/or eco-villages – along with multiple EOI’s to purchase MIRRECO’s hemp processor machines.


For the world – proprietary ground-breaking technologies, manufacturing solutions and carbon architecture. 

The MIRRECO™ mandate is, and will always be, to find solutions to global issues of significance.  

MIRRECO™ and its valued partners are assisting industry, government, growers and communities to make conscious choices which deliver on their lower carbon responsibilities. Through heightening community awareness of rampant abuse of the planet’s health and limited resources,  by clearing restrictive legislative hurdles, encouraging re-alignment of existing legislation and MIRRECO’s ambitious actions to guide transition to zero-carbon economies, and in doing so, combat climate change, minimize environmental impact and regenerate our planet.