Cornerstone Investing for a Cleaner, Greener World

MIRRECO™ is an exciting business with a big vision to create LOWER CARBON FUTURES for coming generations.   

They continue to pressure-test new pathways to revenue including carbon architecture, polymer chains, carbon-sequestration, and hemp processing machinery.  With the aim to quickly establish solid market position and sustainable revenue streams. 

In parallel with this, MIRRECO™ are in a seed round to raise equity.  With all capital raised dedicated to development/ roll-out of technology, systems-integration, market penetration and growth marketing.   

Right now, keen investors are inquiring into how they can share MIRRECO’s vision of a cleaner, greener (more secure) world.  

With the involvement from key visionary investors; like yourself, MIRRECO™ will have necessary seed / working cap to finalise already-developed, next-generation CAST® technology, and to secure distribution and sales, along with protecting longer term trail on the MIRRECO™ business. 

Like more information on the MIRRECO™ business and its future growth?    

Details on investment opportunities, or to request a copy of the MIRRECO™ Information Memorandum (outlining the advantages to becoming a seed investor) can be provided by contacting CEO, Richard Evans. 


CAST® - Carbon Asset Storage Technology.
PRO-CAST® - Prototype Hemp Processor Machinery.
LUMECAST® - Carbon Architecture.


To conduct NATA Accredited Product Quality, Safety & Performance Testing.
Certifications required to Sell or License Products Globally.


Continue with MIRRECO's research and development charter, further development of the company’s technology and of future hemp-based products.


Scale & Expand MIRRECO's management to welcome additional skills, such as engineering, technical support, administration teams with crucial sales and marketing capabilities.


To secure more agreements with growers / farming groups for the supply of industrial hemp.


To protect MIRRECO's IP rights of their CAST®, LUMECAST® and PRO-CAST®.