World-Class R&D

In comparison to other countries, businesses need to be investing more in R&D.  

By lifting expenditure in the area, companies will increase both their technical and competitive edges.  

MIRRECO® focuses its R&D expenditure on two important areas:

  • Collaborative research centred on complimentary research partnerships undertaken with key stakeholders in the hemp industry and beyond.   
  • In-house research ‘in-house’ data collected on MIRRECO’s processing and carbon capture utilisation and storage technologies. Data analysis enables MIRRECO® to better understand the potential behind future applications for the technologies, and to further develop, test and commercialise – leveraging business opportunities as they arise.

Leading these initiatives is MIRRECO’s Research Director, Dr Warrick Fort (PhD). Tracking the latest industry developments, current academic research and emerging applications for hemp within commercial sectors; Warrick’s work supports also MIRRECO’s advocacy role and driving public awareness of hemp as an agricultural commodity along with its broader range of economic, environmental and social benefits. 

Countering the common misconception that industrial hemp somehow is a form of medicinal cannabis.

Warrick has a BA Hons (first class) in urban and regional planning and his PhD research examined the importance of networking for successful entrepreneurship.  

Warrick is a co-convenor for the Indigenous People’s Knowledge and Rights Study Group; a research collective within the institute of Australian Geographers.

MIRRECO® has a Vision…

‘Lower Carbon Futures for Earth and Humanity’ and the company’s role as a change-maker.

Excessive emissions have to be acted upon now, and MIRRECO’s CAST™ technology helps to solve this problem.

We have a means by which to create a cleaner, greener planet for future generations and it is everyone’s pressing responsibility to do so.