MIRRECO™ is focused on processing and producing carbon absorbing products using industrial hemp.

Our objective is to provide solutions that are environmentally friendly, capture, store and utilise carbon efficiently & incorporate innovative nano-technologies to generate power.

At the 2017 Australian National Sustainability Awards for Product Innovation we were awarded runner-up status from over 100 companies using our methods (under the name Cybannac). Since then we have innovated and substantially improved and are confident that our technologies will excite the global market from 2019.

Why Hemp

Interest in industrial hemp has gained momentum worldwide, suggesting that demand for natural fibres will continue to increase. Market segmentation for ethically produced goods and growing demand for biodegradable natural products has led to a wide range of new industrial hemp products being developed. Interest has increased because of climate change issues and the desire to become more environmentally friendly.

Current Situation

Agrifutures Australia comments:

  • The hemp industry in Australia requires an increase in the scale of production, better understanding of the agronomy, more efficient mechanisation for harvesting and processing and long-term markets to be established before the hemp starts to become a really valuable crop in Australia. The lack of specialised mechanical harvesting and processing equipment has been identified as limiting the growth of the industrial hemp industry in Australia.
  • For efficient returns to the grower, close proximity to a processing or receival facility is critical as additional costs of transporting raw material can significantly impact returns. A lack of processing facilities for hemp has been the major impediment to reaching markets for Australian growers. While hemp’s range of versatile end uses provides some optimism for industry expansion, it may be unsuitable for large-scale development in Australia unless viable mechanised harvesting, handling and processing can be developed

Our Solutions

  • MIRRECO™ has developed a unique machine that can process an entire hemp plant. The company intends to own and operate or manage a fleet of mobile machines to process hemp plants onsite around the world.
  • MIRRECO™ intends to develop carbon absorbing products for the construction and other industries. The traditional time in processing and curing can be reduced from a few days to site ready products in less than one hour using our unique process. This will enable us to rapidly manufacture and supply products to the world using our proprietary technology. In addition, we will incorporate innovative nano-technologies to generate power by converting natural light sources into power (see prototype housing unit below)



The potential to market these solutions extends to but is not limed to:

  • Government entities that are involved with providing housing solutions 
  • Indigenous communities and mining camps
  • Property developers and building companies
  • Student / homeless / emergency accommodation
  • First home buyers
  • Eco-villages & emerging smart cities
  • Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure or Green Spaces


  • Create a vertically integrated industry from farm to house
  • Produce socially and environmentally responsible products
  • Further research & develop hemp products including plastics, 3D printing, oils & more
  • Forge strategic alliances with universities, research facilities, government agencies & international agencies
  • Create jobs 
  • Consider other opportunities to process/sell other by-products of the hemp plant such as plastics, textiles, foods and other materials