Frontier with New Construction Products

MIRRECO™ are developing carbon-neutral products using their proprietary CAST® (Carbon Asset Storage Technology). Combining hemp with proprietary polymers and unique manufacturing processes, MIRRECO™ can store CO2 within construction products.

Scalable, Rapid Building & Infrastructure Provision

MIRRECO’s technology and manufacture of next generation building materials represent a shift from traditional approaches, in line with global priorities.  

At present, the construction industry typically generates close to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. This must change.    

MIRRECO™ products are SMART CITY solutions with real potential to revolutionise construction industries around the globe. Scalable building and infrastructure options for the widest array of applications.

MIRRECO are positioning to assist organisations to mitigate current (and future) impacts of climate change typically generated by housing, buildings and infrastructureNot only are CAST® products green building solutions, which can be manufactured and cured within 1 hour using our proprietary polymers – they’re versatile, durable with significant advantages over conventional construction products; incl. superior acoustic, thermal & fire performances.

Organisations, governments and industry leaders realise now transition to carbon-zero construction is paramount and inevitable. Puts MIRRECO™ in the perfect position to be able to assist groups to achieve their lower carbon outcomes.