Frontier with New Construction Products

MIRRECO® are developing carbon-neutral products using their proprietary CAST™ (Carbon Asset Storage Technology). Combining hemp with proprietary polymers and unique manufacturing processes, MIRRECO® can store CO2 within construction products.

Scalable, Rapid Building & Infrastructure Provision

MIRRECO’s technology and manufacture of next generation building materials represent a shift from traditional approaches, in line with global priorities.  

At present, the construction industry typically generates close to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. This must change.    

MIRRECO® products are SMART CITY solutions with real potential to revolutionise construction industries around the globe. Scalable building and infrastructure options for the widest array of applications.

MIRRECO® are positioning to assist organisations to mitigate current (and future) impacts of climate change typically generated by housing, buildings and infrastructureNot only are CAST™ products green building solutions, which can be manufactured and cured within 1 hour using our proprietary polymers – they’re versatile, durable with significant advantages over conventional construction products; incl. superior acoustic, thermal & fire performances.

Organisations, governments and industry leaders realise now transition to carbon-zero construction is paramount and inevitable. Puts MIRRECO® in the perfect position to be able to assist groups to achieve their lower carbon outcomes.