The emerging billion-dollar hemp industry continues to gain momentum along with demand for renewable, sustainable products.  MIRRECO™ is leading the way; producing products made from hemp (a renewable resource) and offering significant cost, time and labour efficiencies.   Collaborating with leaders to improve agricultural and industrial productivity, carbon-capture and biodiversity initiatives
MIRRECO™ CAST® technology will create more demand for hemp and increasing number of growers are needed to feed an ever-growing hemp product supply chain.
Carbon-neutral products are produced through MIRRECO’s proprietary CAST® (Carbon Asset Storage Technology) in combination with hemp, proprietary polymers, coupled with unique manufacturing processes. MIRRECO’s clients can store Carbon Dioxide within their construction products.  By trapping carbon and processing it into bio-composite materials and countless other products; has the potential to procure additional revenue streams. MIRRECO™ is creating robust investor confidence in hemp’s downstream value; creating green economy opportunities, business partnerships, jobs, and importantly, raw materials for carbon-negative, environmentally-responsible products that future generations will love and embrace.

Scalable, rapid building and infrastructure provision.

Industrial hemp is used as the basis for producing a vast number of products;  its a list growing daily.  Many products surpass carbon-neutral performance too.MIRRECO’s green construction and products are used for: 

  • Social Housing,
  • Regional and Indigenous Communities,
  • Mining Camps,
  • Emergency Accommodation,
  • Residential Homes,
  • Commercial applications such as roadside acoustic panels, office partitioning, and industrial pallets.

MIRRECO™ is positioning to help organisations mitigate current (and future) impacts of climate change.   Hemp-based materials have the potential revolutionise the global construction industry. 

CAST® products are strong and durable with significant advantages over conventional construction products with superior acoustic and thermal performance.  

Organisations now recognise transition to carbon-zero construction is absolutely essential (and inevitable) – and MIRRECO™ is helping them achieve this objective.

Wonder Material

Hemp has the ability to sequester & store carbon dioxide.  

Hemp-based bio composite materials have been developed which are stronger, with improved performance over synthetic materials.


Fast Growth Cycle

Hemp has 3 crops per annum. 

Redresses land degradation; remediates contaminated soils by extracting toxins and restoring the PH balance. 


Sequesters Carbon

Hemp is virtually unmatched when it comes to carbon-capture.   

Sequestering up to 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide stored per hectare, during the  3-4 month growth cycle.  Faster and more than any other tree or plant.