Some of the most exciting developments underway in MIRRECO™ are as follows:

CAST® (Carbon Asset Storage Technology)

In association with world-leading scientists and their own globally patented polymers, MIRRECO™ have the ability to draw down, capture, store and utilise CO2 (CCSU) in buildings, infrastructure and a range of other products. 

With International Carbon Trading initiatives; organisations can use MIRRECO™ CAST® to offset their emissions and meet requirements laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement. 


MIRRECO™ has developed the combination of non-synthetic advanced polymers and hemp to create hemp CAST® products.  Blending hemp with proprietary polymers completes a carbon-storing polymer chain for rapidly-deployed, high-performance construction products. Undergoing testing, certification, validation and provenance currently, MIRRECO™ aims to launch their patented CAST® technology across Australia, followed by overseas.


The bottleneck to rapid emergence of the global hemp industry has been through a lack of advancement in hemp processing,  and obsolete machinery and this have affected the downstream demand for hemp-based products.

MIRRECO™ shortly will manufacture its own hemp processing machinery to offer growers significant cost reductions, labour and time-savings. A team of ISO Quality Assured Engineers and MIRRECO™ are mid-way through commercialising mobile (and eventually solar powered) hemp processing machines called PRO-CAST® machinery which represents a quantum leap over existing conventional machines.  Features that include a mobile application, variable product screening, bale feed, production line integration, plant separation and a decortication module. 

Production efficiencies are expected to be around 20t per hour, with the ability to recycle waste plastic in between seasonal hemp harvests also. 


In collaboration with the Engineering team at Curtin University, MIRRECO™ are working on development of CO2 storing hemp-polymer composites for structural load-bearing wall panels, under various loading conditions, e.g. uni-axial and eccentric compression, flexible shear and impact loads to satisfy Australian & International standards for residential and light-commercial buildings.  Evaluation of UV radiation, moisture and ambient temperature changes on durability and development of hemp composite in structural members such as beams, columns, slabs and walls for residential and light-commercial buildings. 


Solving real-world challenges. MIRRECO™ envisage a ’seed to solution’ COframework; from initial carbon sequester to final installation of CAST® products, trusted and transparent tracking system validating CO2 contained within CAST® products, where provenance matters most.

A CAST® unit to measure the value/volume of CO2 from the location the hemp was grown will allow a value to be placed, creating a trade-able asset across the entire ecosystem.

CO2 storing ‘hotspots’ can be established,  allowing larger organisations to offset emissions in busy urban areas.

Advanced Processing Technologies


Key driving force for MIRRECO™ is advancement of the baseline CAST® technology from 1st generation non-structural hemp CAST®, to 2nd generation structural hemp CAST® and then a 3rd generation of hemp CAST® 3D printing.

MIRRECO™ are increasingly confident that ‘for the cost of a luxury home’ we can successfully commercialise technology to 3D-print digitally designed, carbon neutral Lumecast® housing and other CAST® structures, on a grand scale.


Application of MIRRECO™ CAST® technology across other sectors is without limits – for example;  MIRRECO’s team have identified environmentally sustainable, biodegradable hemp plastic – yet another scalable innovation.  

Fostering such unprecedented advances in these technologies remains MIRRECO’s focus.  With strategy being to continue to build credibility in the Australian market, potentially licensing their technologies to global manufacturers, construction suppliers and desirous parties seeking earth recovery solutions.

“As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, the meshing of new and old technologies will blur the boundaries between our physical, digital and organic environments. We now have the opportunity to deliver more efficient and environmentally sensitive products, which will deliver a legacy our future generations will appreciate. Individuals and business are now able to precisely visualise, predict and understand the impact their decisions have on our fragile ecosystem.

MIRRECO™ is leading the charge to develop product that not only delivers carbon-neutral infrastructure but weaving technology into the fabric of its product to increase the benefits even more. The Carbon Asset Storage Technology (CAST®) is the first in a line of innovative technologies developed by MIRRECO™, with more to come. The company maybe in its infancy but it’s already a major disruptor to our traditional industries and will therefore continue to grow through the provision of an alternative carbon future.”

Adam Sahb – Head of Technology