MIRRECO™ Technology Roadmap



MIRRECO™ has developed a cost-effective above ground, Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Technology. Hemp, non-synthetic polymers and an innovative manufacturing process are integrated to produce carbon storing, hemp-based products. This is a safe alternative to geosequestration of CO2, which costs billions of dollars. MIRRECO™ has named this core technology CAST® (Carbon Asset Storage Technology). Currently undergoing testing, certification, validation and provenance, MIRRECO™ aims to launch their CAST® technology across Australia, followed by overseas. 


A unique display lab utilizing CAST® building panels for the building envelope and a range of innovative products from MIRRECO’s strategic partners. LUMECAST® will be used to showcase to a national and international audience how CAST® technology can reduce the carbon footprint of dwellings and combat climate change. Products provided by our strategic partners will include technologies for the collection of various data to verify, scientifically, these claims.


Hemp fibre and products derived from it are extremely strong, durable and have multiple applications. MIRRECO™ has conceived & designed a prototype mobile hemp processor named PRO-CAST®, which can process hemp into quality controlled particulates for use in a range of CAST® products. Several steps are required before PRO-CAST® can be commercialised for the benefit of the wider hemp industry.


Developmental R&D of M-CAST® (modular) systems to target zero emissions.  A consortium research project is underway in early 2021, further details are here. 


In collaboration with the Engineering team at Curtin University, MIRRECO™ are working on development of CO2 storing hemp-polymer composites for structural load-bearing wall panels, under various loading conditions, e.g. uni-axial and eccentric compression, flexible shear and impact loads to satisfy Australian & International standards for residential and light-commercial buildings.  Evaluation of UV radiation, moisture and ambient temperature changes on durability and development of hemp composite in structural members such as beams, columns, slabs and walls for residential and light-commercial buildings. 


Solving real-world challenges. MIRRECO™ envisage a ’seed to solution’ COframework; from initial carbon sequester to final installation of CAST® products, via a trusted and transparent tracking system validating CO2 contained within CAST® products, where provenance matters most. A CAST® unit to measure the value/volume of CO2 from the location the hemp was grown will allow a value to be placed, creating a trade-able asset across the entire ecosystem. CO2 ‘hotspots’ can be established,  allowing larger organisations to offset their emissions.


3D Print CAST® will consist of specially milled hemp (produced by PRO-CAST®) that will be combined with a non-synthetic polymer via a customised 3D printing head, so that structures of different shapes and sizes can be printed. MIRRECO™ 3D Print CAST® can be utilised to serve multiple markets with an ever-developing range of CAST® products for structural and architectural applications such as composite façade panels and external wall cladding, etc.

MIRRECO™ CAST – Future Applications:



A prefabricated structural construction system using CAST® components.


With adaptations to moulding systems and processes, alternative product aesthetics are possible including curved panels for building facades and other bespoke architectural features.


As a lower cost alternative to 3D Print CAST®, liquid hemp/polymer based sprayable compositions may be possible.


In order to volumize hemp/polymer CAST® products to replace synthetic insulations, fillers and packaging, methods for vacuum mouldings and extrusions could be developed.


Advancements in robotics technology makes full automation of the CAST® manufacturing process an obvious step in MIRRECO’s commercial evolution.


With further R&D around circular economic applications and supplements to synthetic counterparts, bio-based products could be feasible, such as ‘Hemp Plastic’.


Recent technological developments have established R&D building blocks to develop future energy storing capabilities in Hemp CAST® products.


MIRRECO™ is undertaking research to develop products, smart materials and technologies that target net-zero emissions towards carbon-neutral infrastructure.