Hemp Carbon-Capture, Environmental Regeneration and
Rebalancing of CO2

Manufacturing of construction products requires the extraction of finite resources, resulting in often environmentally unsound processes, consuming vast amounts of energy and producing significant amounts of CO2 in the process. 

This is unsustainable – has had, and continues to have dire consequences for global warming.

MIRRECO® are drawing down carbon through regional farming partnerships and from manufacture of hemp bio-composite products.   

Organisations too are adopting MIRRECO’s CAST™ (Carbon Asset Storage Technology) to draw down their carbon. 

Longer term, low-risk profile and cost-effective strategy to address climate change.

MIRRECO’s CAST™ can help organisations to demonstrate climate leadership; meet their sustainability objectives, economic and commercial responsibilities in line with renewed regulatory parameters. 

In addition, valuable carbon credits (carbon banks) can be generated from the investment, at a later date. 

MIRRECO’s own demonstration of climate leadership – taking required action in support of the Kyoto Protocol & Paris Climate Agreement 2015. Longer-range carbon emissions offsets, over 50-100 year time-frames.  

MIRRECO’s mandate is to assist companies to achieve credible carbon neutrality, to meet emission caps and reduce the carbon footprint. Valuable solutions which can ensure your organisation stays competitive and growing; in light of the low-emissions future on the horizon.

Carbon Capture Technology
Image courtesy of the Carbon Market Institute, Melbourne, Australia