There’s no denying our planet’s land, soil and water continues to degrade; our atmosphere is more polluted than ever, as natural resources are being consumed at an alarming, increasingly unsustainable rate.

MIRRECO® are committed to tackling these problems, and to helping other organisations do the same.

Contributing into solving carbon sequestration problems

MIRRECO® has developed a proprietary innovation named CAST™ (Carbon Asset Storage Technology). Highly safe, cost-effective above-ground carbon-capture, utilisation and storage technology; globally significant innovation with direct and important  contribution into solving one of the world’s ‘14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century – Carbon Sequestration’ (as presented by the National Academy of Engineering, USA.), 

Proprietary Polymer Chains

Supercharging Sustainability

Quantum leap green technologies: MIRRECO’s proprietary polymer chain formulas, combined with manufacturing processes provide clients and partners with the ability to capture vast volumes of CO2

Ramifications of this are nothing short of phenomenal. Above-ground carbon capture, carbon trading (carbon credits) plus futuristic, highly sustainable ways of living with MIRRECO’s Carbon Architecture. 

Developed with leading scientists, MIRRECO® CAST™ is used to produce products and materials for multiple applicationsAdditionally, carbon storage using CAST™ offers vast number of secondary benefits for global environments.