First mover advantages created; increasing the speed and efficiency of post-harvest processing.

Growth of the hemp industry world-wide is being impacted by a lack of downstream demand for hemp-based products.  Problem partly due to a distinct lack of innovation around hemp processing equipment also the obsolete nature of processors available on the market today. 

Recognising the gap, MIRRECO™ is developing a mobile, solar-powered processor that will process upto 20 Tonnes of Hemp per hour, with adjustments available to suit different farming applications (ie. other crops). Basically, this represents a quantum leap in processing capability, over other conventional decortication machines. ;

MIRRECO™ continues to source capital which will allow it to commercialise processor prototypes with the ability to transform hemp into different particulates, for use across a diverse range of products, at speed and at low cost.  

As determined by user-demand and strategic requirements of MIRRECO™, they are currently assembling pre-production prototypes.

Having concluded there’s some 12 particulate variations (which can be produced by MIRRECO’s processors) for necessary grades of hemp biomass that form the basis for manufacturing a vast array of hemp products such as:

  • 3D Printing
  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Structural Building Components

MIRRECO’s versatile processing machinery (when not in use for hemp) can also be used to process other agricultural crops incl. the breaking down of plastics for recycling purposes.